About Mattress Firm Online

We at Mattress Firm Online have been making people happy and giving the best sleep they ever had for over a decade. Our five different lineups Basic collection, Supreme Collection, Luxury collection, High density collection and our most popular Hotel Grade collection is bound to fit any ones budget, and comfort.

Over the years thousands of customers have used our No Hustle and No Bustle method to purchase a mattress set right out of the comfort of there home, our method is so sweet that we actually made some new friends along the way who have duplicated our way’s of doing business but sadly they still cannot come close to our prices and our quality when it comes to mattresses and of course our services. This only shows us here at Mattress Firm Online that we are a leader in the industry of selling mattresses online.

​We can assure you that you do not have to worry when purchasing your new comfortable mattress with us, backed by a 10 year warranty by our reputable manufacturer, our superior customer service and the experience in knowing what mattress will fit you and your lifestyle best, you can be sure that you are making a wise decision when you do business with Mattress Firm Online. Our sleep consultants understand that everyone is different and have different sleeping habits. Choose from medium soft, soft plush, medium firm or firm.

We are proud to sell mattresses to you that are locally made in Canada and manufactured only with high quality materials. At Mattress Firm Online we believe in supporting our Canadian economy (most important). At the end of the day please remember that your Canadian manufacturers and the other mattress big brand companies all have the same materials being used in all mattresses, with them you pay for the name, with us you pay for quality, honesty, comfort , reliability and helping our Canadian businesses grow.

No Middlemen = Manufacturer Direct Prices
No Inflated Rents = Cutting Costs, Saving You
No Franchise Fee’s = Genuine Unbeatable Pricing
We save on storefront costs incurred such as rent, commissions, utility costs and so much more, we are able to put these savings into bringing these luxury mattresses at such an amazing low cost.

Reasons to choose us for your next mattress.

What differentiates us from the other online mattress stores is that we have full size mattresses and not a mattress in a box gimmick, our profit margins are very low, also we bring the store to you, what that means is you pick a mattress on our very friendly easy to use web page designed especially for you. We bring it to your door at an agreed time slot between you and our professional delivery team. You are more then welcome to sit and lay on the mattress and see if it is to your standards, when our dear customer is 100% satisfied its then you make your payment in cash or pay by credit card.


Choosing your bed and mattress

Did you know that approximately 40% of the population around 16 million + people a year will be troubled by a bad back. We believe prevention is better than cure. Amongst other lifestyle choices sleeping on the right mattress for you should be a high priority.


What is the right mattress?

Well as in most things people have personal preferences. This can be down to body type, sleeping positions, size of bed is a big factor as disturbance from sleeping partners is the most common complaint of sleep problems.


What is a comfy mattress?

​We have yet to work it out! Really there is no true answer to this question as everyone is different. Studies do suggest though that a medium to firm supportive mattress is the best for most people’s back.

Great looks are good, but it’s what’s inside that really counts!